Liam Kendregan Wins Again! With a Very Impressive 67 at White Horse Golf Club

Liam Kendregan from Sand Point CC won the Northwest Motorsport Western Washington PGA Pro-Member at White Horse GC. In the photo: his first swing of the day; 66 swings later (67 total), he took the victory and won his fourth event of the year!

Low Professional – Liam Kendregan, Sand Point CC: 67 (5 Under Par)
SENIOR PRO-AM – Wayne Clark, Walter E Hall Memorial GC: 69 (3 Under Par)

Low Amateur – Scott Cameron, White Horse GC: 76 (4 Over Par)
SENIOR PRO-AM – Rich Evenson, West Seattle GC: 74 (2 Over Par)

Team Champions – Matt Pritchard, Arrow McClain, Keith Gates, Scott Cameron; White Horse GC: 124 (20 Under Par)
SENIOR PRO-AM – Wayne Clark, Mark Johnson, Greg Guest, Ron Kenny; Walter Hall GC: 124 (20 Under Par)