Professional Development Committee

Committee Members:

Carl Hetterle, Semiahmoo G&CC; – Co-Chair

Nick Pollock, Seattle GC; – Co-Chair

Chad Wagner, Peninsula GC

Will Styler, Linden G&CC

Jacob Lippold, Chambers Bay GC


Engage the membership in “lifelong” education and training that will develop members’ applied operational and strategic excellence to advance career opportunities and compensation levels.


Engage and mentor PGA professionals with lifelong education and training that will develop their applied operational and strategic excellence to include leadership, business, marketing and communication skills as well as teaching and coaching skills to advance the profession and career opportunities.

2020 Goals:

  • To provide Chapter Professionals with 16-20 hours of professional development opportunities annually with events averaging 3-4 hours. The committee will also work to include golf and social events attached to events.
  • To locate and host a minimum of one event in each area of the chapter annually; this includes north, south, and central and will provide opportunities for professionals living across the region.
  • Use quarterly email blasts with links to better promote online education events to chapter professionals looking to earn MSR’s utilizing our website. There should be least one education opportunity available on WWC website at all times.
  • Create a form that is readily available on the WWC website and includes all steps needed for chapter professionals interested in hosting an education opportunity. This form will include deadlines, promotional timelines, and all necessary contact information and will be ready for publishing by December 31, 2020.
  • Utilizing survey information, the committee will conduct education experiences around each of the topics below a minimum of once per year.
    1. Teaching/Coaching
    2. Golf Related Fitness
    3. PGA Grow the Game Initiatives
    4. Technology/Computer Skills