Player Development Committee

Committee Members

Chad Wagner – Committee Co-Chair, The Cedars at Dungeness,

Adam Englehorn – Committee Co-Chair, Meridian Valley CC,

Carissa Shaw – Better Together Golf,

Evan Johnsen – The First Tee Greater Seattle,

Sara Griffin – Griffin Golf | PLU Women’s Golf Coach,

Matt Montecucco – Chambers Bay GC,


Drive transformational participatory growth through the support of National initiatives and the support of the programs of individual professionals.


Foster a collaborative working relationship among all PGA constituents and the golf industry to grow participation in the game of golf.

Utilize and support core products and services that are embraced by the members and grow participation. Build a culture that recognizes operational champions and shares their successes for the benefit of the industry.

Player development activities must account for the critical role our membership serves in player growth by creating emotional connections to the sport through teaching and coaching and creating a safe environment for youth. The paramount goals of player development should include participatory growth and increased revenue opportunities for our members looking for opportunities to work with champions of diversity and inclusion (i.e., organizations that have successfully demonstrated growth with diverse groups) is critical to the overall success of any growth of the game strategy. It is vital that facilities are welcoming to all.

For any player development program to be successful it must expand the reach of the PGA professional, increase the relevance of the PGA and our members and raise the value and importance of the profession.