2022 Senior Match Play Championship – Gross

September 30, 2022 all-day
Brian Coury

2022 Tournament Bracket – Click Here

Limited to the first 16 Players.

Players will be seeded using 2021 Mike Coury Award for Senior Player of the Year points.

Players will have TWO months to complete rounds 1, 2, & 3.

Competition will be gross match play.  

Competitors are to arrange their own site and date to play their matches, but it must be within the time frame established by the Tournament Committee.  A competitor not present for his match shall be deemed to have conceded the match.  If neither player is present for a designated match, the match may be rescheduled as long as it is before the deadline.

If a match cannot be played prior to the deadline, and the players cannot determine a winner by default, a coin toss will take place the day after the match deadline.

 All disputes shall be resolved by the Tournament Committee and its decision shall be final. 


Round 1 – April 30

Quarter-Finals – June 30

Semi-Finals – August 31

Final Match – September 30